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We’re doing a repeat show of our event with 3 nerdy comics rather than 3 comical nerds! Show will be a bit of a speed run. No Speed Friending and longer breaks this time. Show will be at Arcade Comedy Theater downtown. If you missed them last time, or have been meaning to go but can’t do Thursdays this is for you! Arcade comedy theater is BYOB, stop by the beer store on Liberty and 10th before heading over.

July 15th will feature the following presentations:

The Hero With A Thousand Whiskers; Why Puss in Boots the Last Wish was A Joseph Campbell Wet Dream:

There’s no reason why the third installment of a spin-off Shrek sequel should be as good as it is. Why did it go so hard? Why was a children’s movie as deep and affecting as it was? By drawing upon universal themes and employing the “Hero’s Journey” narrative structure, the filmmakers gifted us something ancient yet brand new. (In other words, a classic.) Speaker Ronnie Fleming will take you through the film (warning: spoilers) following each stage of Joseph Campbell’s template for storytelling, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

Ronnie was a screenwriting student, a New York City dog-walker, and is now a touring comedian always on the lookout for movies that inspire him like P in B 3 did.

Fairly innocuous: Are Diamonds really forever?:

In her talk, Brittany Alexis examines the prevalence of strong beliefs concerning engagement rings and their origins and connects that to larger concepts often heralded as fact or “history” such as why there are more states with Confederate Monuments than states that existed during the Civil War. She encourages you to come with an open mind and have fun questioning why you believe what you believe and if it’s fact or really good marketing.

Brittany Alexis is an up and coming comic in the Pittsburgh/Erie comedy scene. She began her comedy journey doing open mics at Hambones to get over her jitters about being a trial attorney but fell in love with the craft and she’s excited to be a part of this show because she’s a nerd at heart.

Fundamentals of Music OR Sound Over Time:

To many, MUSIC is a mystical enigma created by people with CRAZY hairstyles or EVEN WORSE…powdered WIGS! This may be true, but MUSIC is ALSO a system of creating and describing SOUND over TIME. MUSIC is composed of different elements that we can understand, talk about, notate, or even manipulate to CREATE OUR OWN MUSIC!

Musician and comedian, Paulie Stags, will introduce (or reintroduce) you to some of the most fundamental elements of music. There will most likely be audience participation. He may insult someone, but it will probably be a dead composer. Powdered wigs are highly encouraged, but not required.

If you haven’t been here before, check what this is about with videos from our youtube channel