So, you’re interested in a Nerd Nite event but don’t know what to expect. This page just compiles a list of questions we get regularly. If there’s something you’re wondering that’s not on here feel free to reach out via our Facebook, Instagram or !!

Classic Event Questions:

How big are events?
Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is run at Spirit which is a large event space. We see crowds of about 150 on average and often sell out all 200 seats.

This sounds great but I wouldn’t describe myself as a nerd. Should I still come out?
Absolutely! Check out this page we wrote just for you.

Is this some kind of Trivia Thing?
No! Nerd Nite is a standup-comedy / TED talk show that starts with an optional social game called “Speed Friending”.

Comedy/TED talk, then is it more fun or academic?
Speakers will teach you things, but it is primarily a comedy show. Meant to entertain more than educate.

It’s still a TED talk though, will it be confusing and full of technical jargon?
Nope, presenters are instructed to gear their talks towards people with no experience in the subjects who are also drunk.

Will I ever have to answer questions? I don’t want to be put on the spot.
Never! Q&A is entirely optional and it’s the audience asking the speakers questions.

This is a long show, are the talks super long?
Each talk is just 15 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A. Extra time is added in between and at the end to hang out with your friends and enjoy Spirit’s pizza and drinks.

How do I put my name in the hat to be a speaker?
Just reach out through any of the options at the top of this page to let us know and we’ll tell you the next steps!

Speed Friending Questions:

I would love to meet some nerds, but does anyone actually do Speed Friending?
They do! The game is optional but 60-80 people regularly come early to play at classic events and we had 168 at the first mixer.

I’m interested in trying it but walking into the unknown is scary, what’s it like when I arrive?
We totally get the nerves, so we make it as approachable as possible! When you arrive, the person taking tickets will give you a paper form and pencil to note your matches. You then walk upstairs and there is a person on stage who is the Speed Friending MC and Ambassador. Hop in the line and they will give you a card with an ID on it. As the game progresses your ID will be matched with other IDs to have short 5 minute conversations, after which you can note on the form if you’d like to stay in touch. After the game ends just copy your paper yes’s onto the google form via the QR code on the bottom of your paper and we’ll email you in a few days with your matches. While rounds are running you are free to ask the ambassador any questions that come up. For a more detailed set of instructions click here.

Alright, this potentially sounds like a cool way to meet people, but I might hate it. If I try it and decide its not for me will I be hurting everyone who was supposed to match with me if I bail early?

Nope! Just tell the ambassador you are done playing and he can mark you as removed so other people don’t match with you.

Why are you asking for my email address?

We use an automated script to let everyone know who they matched with. Your email will only be sent to the people you matched with. No one you don’t want to stay in touch with will get it and we will not automatically add it to our e-mail list.

Pittsburgh Mixer Questions:

How big are events?
We’ve only done one so far but we hit the 200 person capacity by 8:30 and didn’t start to thin out till 11.

What age group generally attends?

All 21+ are welcome, but expect most of the crowd to be 25-35