This game is played by having short conversations with strangers and then filling out a form and saying whether you’d like to talk again. We will email you everyone you matched with.

  • Begin by getting your ID# index card from the person on stage or wherever the laptop is.
  • Either take a paper form to fill out the form later or click the link above if you’d like to fill out the form live as you play.
  • The projector will show your ID# along with a table letter and another ID#. Go to that table and hold up your index card and look for someone holding up the ID# you are paired with.
  • Chat for 5 minutes
  • After chatting you will have 30 seconds to note their ID# (which will stay on the screen), whether you liked them, and any notes only you will see to remember them
  • Once the game is over if you used the paper form, click the link above to enter it all online. Then submit the form to us. You will be emailed your matches in the next few days. We do the matching with an automated script, so you must fill out the online form or you will not get any matches.
  • If you missed ID#’s or had any confusion still fill out the form! One of the options is to say “I don’t have my matches #’s” and we will work with you to sort it out.

    Additional Suggestions/Rules:
  • Sit next to your matches rather than across from them, this helps keep the volume down.
  • If you want to stop or take a break tell the person with the laptop and you will be out starting the following round. Please still do the current round so no one is left hanging.
  • Find your match then chat at the bar if you need a drink.
  • If you are nervous you are allowed to take a single ID# and play this game with a friend. But only write down one of your email addresses if you do.
  • You are allowed to exchange contact info during the game. However, NEVER ask someone for their info. What you are allowed to do is give someone yours.
  • We highly recommend using the form though. Its a bummer when people have 5 great conversations and only get 1 match because 4 people exchanged some info during the game and decided to just not do the form. If you are doing the form we encourage you to tell anyone who offers you their info to do the form too instead. Feel free to also cite this policy if someone offers you contact info who you didn’t vibe with.
  • We do have an official code of conduct. If anyone is acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable please let one of the organizers know and we will talk to them and possibly kick them out.
  • Speed Friending is only for making new friends and professional connections. Speed Mingling can also be used as Speed Dating ONLY if the person you are with is wearing a Green Wristband.
  • If you still have questions read the detailed instructions below before asking the person with the laptop to keep the line moving.


There will be a person near the screen(s) displaying the Nerd Nite Logo with a laptop. This person will give you an ID#. Write your name on a name-tag and put it on, it can also be helpful to write your ID# on your name-tag. At this time if you are using a paper form also write your ID# down on the top of your paper. If you are using the online form fill out the first section. This includes your name, email address and ID#. Note – your email address will only be shared with people you match with and not added to our email list, sent to the no’s, or misused in any way. We promise we just need it to run our script that sends you your matches automatically. If you have any questions you can ask the person with the laptop, but also please make a note that you had a question that wasn’t addressed on this page so we can add it for next time. If you have a question also be sure to step out of line when you ask it so the next people can continue registering.


Speed friending will happen in a number of rounds.  Each round will be exactly the same so be sure to do the following things in the following order.

1. The screen on stage will show the list of matches. Which will look like the image below. Look for your ID and identify the ID you are paired with.

2.  Find your match.  Along with the ID pair, there is be a letter for which table to meet at.  Go to the front of the table corresponding to your pair and hold up your card with your ID on it.  When you find the person with the ID you are matched with say hello and find a place to sit/stand and chat. If sitting, sit next to them as opposed to across from them. This helps keep the noise level down. If your drink is empty feel free to ask them to talk with you while getting a drink.

3.  Chat it up and have fun!

4.  After 5 minutes we will flick the lights to designate the round is over.  When this happens we sill keep the previous matches on the screen for 30 more seconds. Note down on your paper or the online form if you’d like to hang with them again, their ID number, and any notes to help you remember who is who. Only you will see these notes. Once the 30 seconds is up, circle back to step (1).

Connections to Make

We run two types of networking events. Speed Friending and Speed Mingling. Check each event for which one we will be running. Speed Friending is strictly for making friends. Uncomfortable romantic conversation during Speed Friending will result in a warning and a second offense with removal from the event.  If someone is removed from a second event on a later night they will no longer be welcome to attend in the future.  The same goes for initiating romantic conversation with people wearing red wristbands during Speed Mingling.  If someone is breaking these rules just let an organizer know. However, during Speed Mingling, feel free to bring out your inner Casanova to those wearing green wristbands while yellow and red wristbands will fall back on the Speed Friending rules. 

Ending the Game

These above steps will be repeated until time is up.  At that time if you are using a paper form scan the QR code on the bottom of your form and enter all the information you have on your paper.  The first page of that form is information that will be sent to your matches. The next section is to fill out your matches. Just enter the people you said “yes” to along with any notes you have on them. You will likely have to skip a few questions since we have extra slots in there.  If you are using the online form just select that the game is over. The last page is completely optional. It includes a few final questions that we hope will be helpful in actually making initial plans with your new friends. Feel free to skip all the questions on this page. But the final button on this page is to submit your responses.  BE SURE TO HIT THIS FINAL SUBMIT BUTTON OR NONE OF YOUR RESPONSES WILL BE RECORDED.