Speed Friending is a game is played by having short conversations with strangers and then saying on the associated form if you enjoyed talking and would like to exchange contact info or not.  After time is up HIT SUBMIT at the bottom of the form and your matches will be emailed to you over the next few days.

Summary Instructions

Begin by filling out the first section of the form with your name and email address, then get your ID from the person on stage. Once the game begins you will have conversations with your matches and repeatedly fill out sections which include 1 – your matches ID, 2 – whether or not you want to exchange contact info with them, and 3 – an optional notes section only you will see with anything to remember about that person for follow up. Then at the end hit submit (it’s at the bottom of the form even if you have empty sections) and you will be emailed your matches in the next few days.


The person scanning tickets will show you a QR Code which will link you to a google form to fill out while you are playing. The first page of the form is information that will be sent to your matches. This includes your name, email address, and a couple questions to help make plans with your matches.

Once you have filled out these items the next question on the form is asking for your ID. At this time, go to the person on stage who is the MC and Speed Friending Ambassador to be given an index card with a number on it. This is your ID. Write it down on the form. If you have any questions you can ask the Ambassador, but also please write it down at this point in the form as well so we can update the instructions for future players. Hit submit on this section and you will be entered into the next round!


Speed friending will happen in a number of rounds.  Each round will be exactly the same so be sure to do the following things in the following order.

1. The screen on stage will show pairs of IDs together. Which will look like the image below. Look for your ID and identify the ID you are paired with.  The next question on the form will be asking for that ID.  IMMEDIATELY, answer that question.  Do not find the person first.  Do not wait to do this later because when the next round starts the previous pairings will be gone.  Also, DO NOT enter their name or anything other than their ID in that answer box.

2.  Find your match.  Along with the ID pair, there is be a letter for which table to meet at.  Go to the front of the table corresponding to your pair and hold up your card with your ID on it.  When you find the person with the ID you are matched with say hello and find a place to sit and chat.

3.  Chat it up and have fun!

4.  After 5 minutes we will flick the lights to designate the round is over.  When this happens answer the next question of whether or not you want to exchange contact info with that person and then circle back to step (1).

Ending the Game

These above steps will be repeated until time is up.  At that time scroll all the way to the bottom of the form.  You will have to skip a few questions unless you were here for round 1.  The final button on the form is to submit your responses.  BE SURE TO DO THIS OR NONE OF YOUR RESPONSES WILL BE RECORDED.

General guidelines:

1. If you need a drink, at the start of the round just tell your match and take the conversation to the bar line instead of a table
2. Do not ask anyone to exchange contact info during the game.  If you are a match you will get it after.  Feel free to cite this guideline to politely decline to anyone who asks.
3. If you would like to stop playing, please checkout with the person on the laptop who can remove you.  If you can’t find your match inform the person with the laptop they left without checking out.