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The best way to meet new people is through the people you already know. This is why house parties are the best place to do it. Pittsburgh Mixers are designed to simulate all the benefits of a house party out at a bar with random strangers. It’s like going back to the good ol’ days when more people randomly met out in the world!

PHASE ONE – Pitch-A-Friend – 7:00-7:30 – If you want to meet people because you’re single we start out with a segment just for you! Pitch-A-Friend is Shark Tank for dating. Pitch-A-Friend will allow folks to gush about their single friends in Nerd Nite’s classic entertaining and silly PowerPoint format to potential prospects in the audience! Do you have a single friend who you want to help find love? Are you single and have a friend who knows how awesome you are? Fill out this form to let the world know! Are you single but don’t want to be in the limelight? Then come out to enjoy the show and find time through the rest of the night to say hi to anyone who catches your eye or reach out to them later through the contact info in the presentations! Doors open at 6 to come in and grab a seat. Check the details before coming over since start time may be pushed back if we don’t have enough submissions to fill the whole hour.

PHASE TWO – Speed Mingling – 7:30-8:30: Speed Mingling will rotate you around with other guests for 5-minute conversations with new people. One of the best reasons house parties are so great for meeting people is that, almost always, everyone either knows the host or is a friend of someone who knows the host. So you are sure to be only a few mutual connections away from everyone there, and those who connect the dots are also in attendance! With Speed Mingling, our goal is to create an atmosphere with that same vibe. If you’ve never done one of these before please take a minute to read over how it works before you arrive. Rules of Speed Mingling are in line with the Stoplight Party rules outlined below. If you’re mingling with someone and you’re both wearing a green wristband go ahead and make it a speed date, but if either or you is red or yellow keep it friendly.

PHASE THREE – Starting at 8:30: The real mixer begins. We’ll keep the tunes at a medium volume so you can enjoy them and hear people easily. Additionally, we’ll have all the social games that you loved for the first parties. We’ll be partnering once again with CityOfPlay to have a wide selection of party games such as Telestrations, Codenames, and Monikers, and all are welcome to bring their own from home! We’ll also have dice and cards for whatever you want to do with them, and beer pong tables to re-live your college days. And, of course, there will be great food, drinks, and lots of extra space just to talk and hang out. Essentially the perfect party if you want it to be easy to talk to strangers.

In an effort to make our events a perfect vibe where singles can look for dating prospects while those just looking to make new friends still have a safe space they don’t have to worry about uncomfortable vibes our mixers are Stoplight Parties! All this means is when you arrive, tell us what wristband color you want. Green means you’re single and looking to mingle. Yellow means you are looking but tells others not to flirt with you unless you flirt with them first. Red means you’re just here for friends and others should know you do not want to be hit on at all. If you’re wearing red and anyone is not following the rules just let us know and those people will be warned and then removed.

See you there!

-Rorry, Ralph, and Karen

P .S. This event is 21+ and requires ID