We’ve talked to some folks who told us that our events looked awesome but weren’t sure if they were nerdy enough to come out. So let us tell you about what it means to be a nerd.

All it takes to be a nerd is curiosity. You become a nerd when that curiosity becomes focused into a passion for something. A desire to learn more, a drive to improve your ability, and a general enjoyment about a topic, idea, activity, or event. As everyone knows, you can be a nerd about traditionally nerdy concepts like math, science, history, technology, video games, star wars, comic books, regular books, and so much more. But you can be a nerd about anything! I’ve met gardening nerds, photography nerds, yoga nerds, language nerds, sports nerds, festival nerds, music nerds, and cooking nerds. Almost everyone out there has something they’re passionate about. So, if you have passion in your life, chances are, you’re a nerd about that thing! Which coming from us is entirely a positive statement.

Also, real Nerds aren’t gatekeepers. We love talking to people about what we’re nerdy about, even when they don’t share our nerdery. We love getting more people into our nerdery. That’s what our speaker nights are all about. We always try our best to be open, friendly, and welcoming to everyone. So even if you still don’t think you’re a nerd after reading this, you should know everyone is welcome at Nerd Nite!