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Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is a lecture series that’s a mix between a TED talk, a comedy show, and a networking mixer! Speakers present for 15 minutes on a variety of topics related to science and technology, popular culture, history, and other nerdery with a vibe that’s as entertaining as it is academic! Audience members can ask questions, and beforehand there is an entirely optional networking game. If you like alcohol, learning about random and interesting things, and meeting other nerds this is for you! Networking game starts at 6:30, Doors open for the show at 7:30, show starts at 7:45. If you have a topic you are passionate about and you’d like to be a speaker at a later event get in touch at ! June 16th will show the following presentations:

“Maggot Therapy or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bugs”

What’s the most disgusting thing I see too often in the ER? Maggots. In this lecture, we explore the fascinating science and history of maggot infections and the surprising ways in which they may be just what the doctor ordered.

Avir Mitra is an ER doctor and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Education at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He moonlights as a contributing editor at Radiolab and has also written and produced stories for Vice, The Pulse and Here and Now.

“Laura Secord: What Canada’s Paul Revere taught me about Wikipedia and gender”

Raymond Bowman grew up in the Pittsburgh area, worked to become a licensed architect, and is now attempting to apply those skills to nonprofit community development. Lucky for you, he’s not here to talk about any of that. Back in 2015 (at a different nerdy night), Ray presented a humorous comparison between two historical figures with parallel stories, Paul Revere and a lesser-known Canadian woman named Laura Secord. Tonight, he’s here to revisit the story of Laura Secord and explore how gender bias on Wikipedia informs (and deforms) our knowledge and perception of female historical figures.

“Bird Out With Your Nerd Out,
Rock Out With Your Squawk Out”

There’s more bird diversity around Pittsburgh than you might think. So embark on an avian adventure with local bird nerd Ralph Crewe as he dives into a few of the remarkable feathered friends you might encounter around the steel city. Learn how to talk to owls, identify every species of hummingbird in the area, and explore the horrors of duck reproduction!

Ralph Crewe is a Nerd Nite veteran, having delivered such talks as Bullshit in Space, and The Electric Bass Guitar in Baroque Saxony & Various Ensuing Milieus. He spent ten years as a science communicator at a major science museum, has worked for several nerdy YouTube channels, including his current role as script editor for Practical Engineering, works full-time at a local software development firm, and is a generally curious person.

Networking game:

Our Networking game will take place before the show from 6:30-7:30. Similar to ‘Speed Dating’ or ‘Speed Networking’ our game is ‘Speed Friending’! Whether you are new to the city and hoping to make friends, trying to expand your professional network with other nerds, or are single and looking to mingle, the game is just about meeting new people! We have a system in place to rotate everyone around to meet someone new every 5 minutes, then you can fill out an online form with which conversations you enjoyed and we’ll email you your matches! You are welcome to join late, but if you want to get the most of it arrive at 6:15 to register and the first round will start at 6:30.

If you haven’t been here before, check what this is about with videos from our YouTube channel

This event is 21+ and requires ID. The venue has limited space and there may not be door sales if we sell out, which happens regularly. Be sure to get a ticket before heading over.

Tickets: Facebook, Eventbrite