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Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is a lecture series that’s a mix between a TED talk, a comedy show, and a networking mixer! Speakers present for 15 minutes on a variety of topics related to science and technology, popular culture, history, and other nerdery with a vibe that’s as entertaining as it is academic! Audience members can ask questions, and beforehand there is an entirely optional networking game. If you like alcohol, learning about random and interesting things, and meeting other nerds this is for you! Networking game starts at 6:30, Doors open for the show at 7:30, show starts at 7:45. If you have a topic you are passionate about and you’d like to be a speaker at a later event get in touch at ! October 13th will show the following presentations:

“Re: Your Brains”
The brain is the most important organ you have… according to the brain. And some of the things you think you know about the brain are complete bullshit – we only use 10%, you are either right or left brained, alcohol kills brain cells. Join Dr. Kym Young, neuroscientist and associate professor of psychiatry at U Pitt, as she busts some of the most popular brain myths and teaches you some fun facts about this 3 lb. wonder. When not studying how the brain works (or doesn’t work), Kym enjoys world travel, jigsaw puzzles, her 2 pawesome cats, and is a huge Disney nerd.

“New Shit Has Come to Light: The Big Lebowski and Historical Revisionism”

“Historical revisionism” and “revisionist history” have a bad rep, usually from people who don’t know what these terms mean. This talk uses The Dude’s insight that “new shit has come to light,” as the main reason why history needs to be revised and updated frequently. Dr. Coohill uses important examples from the past to show how our knowledge of them is only based on what was presented to us when we were young. Historians constantly discover new things in archives, come up with new methods of analysis, and explain the complicated  “ins, outs, and what-have-you’s” of historical events that we think we already understand. After this talk, you’ll hear “historical revisionism” and “revisionist history” with an open and fresh mind. You’ll be “privy to all the new shit”!

Dr. Joseph Coohill is an Oxford-educated history professor and media personality who overturns widely-held, but incorrect, assumptions and beliefs about the past. The public knows him as the host and producer of the wildly popular Professor Buzzkill History Podcast. He has spoken at Nerd Nites in New York and Pittsburgh.

“An inside look at the world’s most ruggedly good looking  and sexually dynamic sport: competitive facial hair”

Standing resolute against a bald-faced majority, men and women the world over have found community and solidarity in shared celebration of a hirsute lifestyle. Competing in over fifty categories spanning multiple categories, from the standard dad Stache (aka the chevron) to the crowd-favorite freestyle beard, competitors and enthusiasts have elevated this niche community into a worldwide phenomenon.

Adam Causgrove is the Chief Executive of the American Mustache Institute, 2012 Mustached American of the Year, and a recognized expert in all things facial hair. Featured in Time Magazine, Pitt Magazine, and countless publications in between, Causgrove will highlight the nuances and faces that have brought this frighteningly handsome pastime from the seedy underbelly of basement competitions to the bright lights of ESPN the Ocho and into the hearts and homes of people across the globe.

Networking game:

Our Networking game will take place before the show from 6:30-7:30. Similar to ‘Speed Dating’ or ‘Speed Networking’ our game is ‘Speed Friending’! Whether you are new to the city and hoping to make friends, trying to expand your professional network with other nerds, or are single and looking to mingle, the game is just about meeting new people! We have a system in place to rotate everyone around to meet someone new every 5 minutes, then you can fill out an online form with which conversations you enjoyed and we’ll email you your matches! You are welcome to join late, but if you want to get the most of it arrive at 6:15 to register and the first round will start at 6:30.

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This event is 21+ and requires ID. The venue has limited space and there may not be door sales if we sell out, which happens regularly. Be sure to get a ticket before heading over.

Tickets: Facebook, Eventbrite