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Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is a lecture series that’s a mix between a TED talk, a happy hour, and freshman orientation. Speakers present for 15 minutes on a variety of topics related to science and technology, popular culture, history, and other nerdery with a vibe that’s as entertaining as it is academic! Audience members can ask questions and it’s followed up by an entirely optional orientation-style networking game. If you like alcohol, learning about random and interesting things, and meeting other nerds this is for you! Doors open at 6:30, show starts at 7:00. If you have a topic you are passionate about and you’d like to be a speaker at a later event get in touch at!
Seth Neustein! Seth is an internationally touring mentalist and luxury event host and consultant. Following an early retirement from project management, he pursued his lifelong passion and traveled the US apprenticing with many of the worlds’ best magicians and mentalists. Since then he has performed for Fortune 500s, hosted exclusive experiences for distinguished society elites, and has realized the truly impossible – a full time career as a creative where he takes joy in crafting one of a kind personalized experiences. That is, Seth specializes in gifting you with cherished lifelong memories. Seth is also host to the hit charity event series, Secret Speakeasy, right here in Pittsburgh. With a PMP (look it up!) and a background in information sciences, cognitive sciences, music, magic, game design (he helped develop Magic: The Gathering Online [you’re welcome])… Seth is the self-described biggest nerd you’ve ever met. This month Seth will be presenting “Your Mental Compass: a primer to the psychology of perception”. Letting you see behind the mask, Seth will be talking about the psychology of illusion and how our perceptions of each other and the information we trust are not always what they seem. Who knows, there might even be some hands on demonstrations where you will get to read the mind of someone else in the audience!
Anastasia Maria Coates! Formerly a performing artist, school teacher, and current online Spanish coach, Anastasia will share insight on how to take ownership of a new language. Whether you’re learning a world language, have to use field-specific terminology, or want to grow your personal conversation skills, she wants you to make the most of your online or app-based lessons and training so you can apply your hard work, effectively in real life. Learn a bit of liquid Spanish while cheersing to some perspective on how you can internalize language from the screen to the physical world. Even if you’re not picking up where you left off in high-school world languages or learning human anatomy, she’s also worked in sales, customer service, and in kitchens, which is why Anastasia wants to give you some tips that will help you adapt to any new language goal so you can refresh and adapt to changes in how you give and take information. More info on her here:
Bob Creo, Attorney, Arbitrator & Mediator is a native Pittsburgher currenly living in Lawrenceville. He is passionate about learning and connecting via storytelling in all of its many forms. He is the founder of Steel City Storytellers and is a frequent performer at The Moth. He is in the process of creating a series of oral story-profiles of famous, infamous, unknowns, and jagoffs, with Western Pennsylvania ties. Presenting the first public performance of the series: TESLA– An Electifying Spirit!
Also as you may know, we are a volunteer run organization and could use some extra hands! If you’re free to come early at 5:30-6:30 or stay late from 10:00-10:30 shoot us an email and there will be free drinks in it for you!
If you haven’t been here before, check what this is about with videos from our first event at
This event is 21+ and requires ID