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Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is a lecture series that’s a mix between a TED talk, a comedy show, and a networking mixer! Speakers present for 15 minutes on a variety of topics related to science and technology, popular culture, history, and other nerdery with a vibe that’s as entertaining as it is academic! Audience members can ask questions, and beforehand there is an entirely optional networking game. If you like alcohol, learning about random and interesting things, and meeting other nerds this is for you! Networking game starts at 6:30, Doors open for the show at 7:25, show starts at 7:45. If you have a topic you are passionate about and you’d like to be a speaker at a later event get in touch at ! February 24th will be Bass Nite with the following presentations:

“The Electric Bass Guitar in Baroque Saxony and Various Ensuing Milieus”

How many strings does it take to move the butts of a nation? Four. Sometimes five but that one’s in the shop. Join local professional nerd Ralph Crewe (known from past Nerd Nite’s as the Bullshit in Space guy) as he explores the profound depth of the electric bass guitar. Were the baroque masterpieces known today as the Bach Cello Suites originally written for the electric bass? Is the theme to Seinfeld the song of a generation? Are all bass players really just the worst guitar players in the band? Find out the answers to these questions and probably a few others!

Ralph Crewe currently works at a software development firm, but has a long history of nerdery. He helped to run a planetarium and worked at a major science center for ten years (hence the Bullshit in Space), and has also studied the bass for 24 years. He plays bass mainly in jazz and Latin settings these days, but has extensive experience in rock, hip-hop, country, musical theater and many other forms. He also can identify nearly every species of bird commonly found in Pennsylvania.

“The Euphemistic Euphonius Euphonium and Friends.”
Primarily a baritone voiced instrument that plays in the tenor range and above, the Euphonium is an oxymoronic instrument. Abby herself lives a bit of an oxymoronic life, boasting two degrees on an instrument that has less job perspectives than people who know what the instrument even is. Abby will delve into the history of the instrument, drop a little bit of brass in general, the reason it really shouldn’t exist, and how low it can go. (hint: not very) We’ll also talk about video game music…I can’t help myself.

Abby Lannan is a freelance artist, educator, and performer and can nerd out about video games and video game music for hours at the drop of a hat. Talk to me about the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy FFXIV. Abby has a bachelors in Music Education, a masters in performance and is a musician with the River City Brass Band as well as the Brass Roots based in Pittsburgh.

“All About that Bass”

While there are many options to enjoy, no small amount of hobbyists enjoy bass as a focus of their craft. Doug is an expert in everything surrounding bass. From cleaning, to the tools of the trade, to even the best method to obtain one. Doug will go over how to get started so that one day you can share your skills with bass with everyone in your life.

Doug Oster is Pittsburgh’s Garden Guru. He’s the host of the radio show The Organic Gardener, creator of the Emmy winning documentary “The Gardens of Pennsylvania”, and founder of Cultivating Success, a garden program for foster and adoptive children.
Networking game:

Our Networking game will take place before the show from 6:30-7:30. Similar to ‘Speed Dating’ or ‘Speed Networking’ our game is ‘Speed Friending’! Whether you are new to the city and hoping to make friends, trying to expand your professional network with other nerds, or are single and looking to mingle, the game is just about meeting new people! You’re welcome to come late or leave early. We have a system in place to rotate everyone around to meet someone new every 5 minutes, then you can fill out an online form with which conversations you enjoyed and we’ll put you in touch with the matches!

If you haven’t been here before, check what this is about with videos from our YouTube channel:

This event is 21+ and requires ID. The venue has limited space and there may not be door sales if we sell out, which happens regularly. Be sure to get a ticket before heading over.

Covid information:
The CDC has maintained its stance that those who are vaccinated can resume normal activities, though wearing a mask indoors when not eating or drinking is recommended. With this from the CDC, and the articles saying Omicron numbers will go down as fast as they went up now that Pittsburgh has peaked, we are setting this date and planning our next event. However, if things look bad on the preceding Sunday we will reschedule, and give everyone a full refund of their ticket price. If we do not cancel, we will still be happy to issue refunds to any requests received before the show begins. Additionally the following is Spirit’s policy which will be enforced for Nerd Nite:
We are requiring proof of full vaccination (2 shots of Moderna or Pfizer, 1 shot of J&J) for all guests in order to attend events at Spirit. If you do not have proof of full vaccination, you must show a negative test result from a PCR test taken within 48-hours of the show’s start time. If you cannot provide any of these things, you will not be admitted to the event. We appreciate your understanding as we enact the required policies for us during this ongoing pandemic. The health and safety of our staff, artists and guests is our #1 priority.

Tickets: Facebook, eventbrite