Nerd Nite Pittsburgh April 21

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Nerd Nite Pittsburgh is a lecture series that’s a mix between a TED talk, a comedy show, and a networking mixer! Speakers present for 15 minutes on a variety of topics related to science and technology, popular culture, history, and other nerdery with a vibe that’s as entertaining as it is academic! Audience members can ask questions, and beforehand there is an entirely optional networking game. If you like alcohol, learning about random and interesting things, and meeting other nerds this is for you! Networking game starts at 6:30, Doors open for the show at 7:25, show starts at 7:45. If you have a topic you are passionate about and you’d like to be a speaker at a later event get in touch at ! April 21st will show the following presentations:

“What I learned about dating apps (generally) after I spent five f**king years studying them for a PhD”
Dr Nicolette Wong is nosy when it comes to people’s love lives, so she decided to make a career out of it. Trained at Oxford and UPitt, she embarked on a five-year project studying dating apps in China and the US for her PhD. All so she could fervently try to figure out why there are so many profiles with pictures of men holding large fish or women trying to make potential matches play Where’s Waldo (not really). Two-time TEDx speaker and a Nerd Nite regular, she enjoys public speaking, giving unsolicited relationship advice, and pretending to be an extrovert.

“An Aspie’s Take on Weight Loss: Y’all are Just Doing It Wrong”
This talk combine’s the story of Jeremy Rochford’s (cPt, WLS, YES, CLC, cCFT, cCFS, CC, CL) successful 200-pound weight loss journey and his realization that he knows exactly where both of his children got their neuro-diversity from. In his talk, he’ll unpack the reason why diets fail, how intermittent fasting is a joke, and why body positivity might just be the truest secret in weight loss. While some get obsessed with Lego’s or Fantasy Football, Jeremy has turned his love of food back around into his love of food, but this time with the appropriate amount of butter. When not discussing weight loss or wellness, you can find him around town in used music stores trying to find those rare import CD’s because he’s just old enough to appreciate what they are.

“5g and the Birth of The Next Generation of Integrated Technology”
What is 5g? Why Now? Why does it matter? What does it enable? Can it kill us or will it just be the robots that do that? These questions and many more will be discussed by speaker Mark Shimkets. Mark Shimkets is a Pittsburgh based Comedian that has a computer science degree and an intense level of nerdery. From acting in NYC to coaching a League of Legends team in Turkey Mark has experienced some weird stuff and is excited to share his knowledge with you all.

Networking game:
Our Networking game will take place before the show from 6:30-7:30. Similar to ‘Speed Dating’ or ‘Speed Networking’ our game is ‘Speed Friending’! Whether you are new to the city and hoping to make friends, trying to expand your professional network with other nerds, or are single and looking to mingle, the game is just about meeting new people! We have a system in place to rotate everyone around to meet someone new every 5 minutes, then you can fill out an online form with which conversations you enjoyed and we’ll email you your matches! You are welcome to join late, but if you want to get the most of it arrive at 6:15 to register and the first round will start at 6:30.

If you haven’t been here before, check what this is about with videos from our YouTube channel:

This event is 21+ and requires ID. The venue has limited space and there may not be door sales if we sell out, which happens regularly. Be sure to get a ticket before heading over.

Tickets: Facebook, Eventbrite